Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior photographer London

Graham has been a photographer for over 20 years and after moving from his home town of Dublin to London, his career really began and he now has a portfolio of clients, from International Luxury Brands to small independent designers

Capturing light and the natural mood of a space is what drives me.  I create images that are engaging and atmospheric, that elicit a desire to be in the space and experience it.  Translating textures – particularly natural textures – is an important part of my work, enabling viewers to almost feel the objects they see.  Atmosphere, intrigue and intimacy are what I like my images to portray.

I work collaboratively and listen: by really understanding my clients I am able to deliver perfectly designed images.  Increasingly, I am asked to be involved in the concept stage of a photography brief, helping to find a visual tone of voice that informs our work going forward.