Sept 2010


Fashion / Lifestyle Photograph shot by Graham Atkins-Hughes Photographer London styled by Jo Atkins-Hughes

Wow what a month we are having, it’s been non stop shooting, with new and old clients and it’s set to continue for the next few weeks. in between all that, we have found the time to build some new sites optimized for the new generation of mobile device, for our photographic site plus the new site will be with us soon. We are just about to launch our new site, which will have more fun stuff on it, a shop stocking fashion and homeware, vintage and new plus a selection of limited edition prints by Graham, will be one element, plus an online folio for jo’s styling,  it’s all go go go. If that weren’t enough, we’ve been changing some stuff at the location and there will be new sets of interior photography to show off the new colours & furniture it’s all  just generally making a good thing better, we are whacked but really excited, keep checking back for new developments as and when they happen