In Memory of …………

Photograph part of a project by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors & lifestyle photographer London

new gloves added to my project page In Memory of, we saw these desperate  lost souls on a walk inepping forest, they are pair but, not a pair if you know where I am going with this thought process, maybe they where belonging to a couple out walking holding hands without their respective gloves on, one appears to be a mans glove and the other could be a womans, hopefully as the walked home they managed to keep each others hands warm until a replacement could be found. Or not it could all be a chance meeting under the trees, for the gloves that is ………… it’s just that I am romantic at heart so a happy ending is always the preferred option for me, more soon,


As Seen Elle Deco UK

Interior Photo by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Dulux

Here are two images which I shot for Dulux Colour Futures, see the rest of the project here. I just recently added these images to my Advertising Folio and then a few days later was happy to see that Elle Deco UK had decided to use the left hand image to open their decorating section of the April issue, if I may say they definitely have a sense of calm which I really am proud of, but I can’t take all the credit for that, both Mother Nature for lighting and the ever talented Hannah Simmons styling deserve equal billing, and of course Dulux for brave use of paint, an example below. Which in these days of Adobe making all things possible we collectively decided to do this one for real, in camera, thanks to James Henderson (set builder) had to make it happen, which took a bit of time, but it was worth it, hope you agree……………..

interiors photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Dulux Colour Futures 2012

Fab House now for Hire

Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior photographer London

Got an email flyer from shoot factory one of location78‘s agents this morning, about a new location they are now representing in Nottinghamshire Ravenshead, well it took me back, I had shot this house for Elle Decoration a few years ago with the lovely Andrea Lynch  who has been a long term friend since we worked together for Harrods years earlier. The house as you can see is a modernist classic it could be straight out of a 007 set, packed full with modernist furniture which the owner Simon deals in through his shop Atomic in Nottingham, I absolutely loved this house when I shot it we had a great day, although a very long one waiting for it to get dark to do the exterior, but Simon did provide some great grub from the local chippy to keep us going, hope you enjoy looking at the images, I’d love to get an opportunity to shoot there again…..


Two interior Views of Modernist Home by Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London

My wife’s got a lovely pear

Interiors Blog photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors photographer londonNot only has Jo my wife got a lovely pear but, she was given it by another man! (and his missus Lilla) – well they’re friends really, the very entertaining Jonny of Trunk Records, & Lilla of LillaVision, the only stipulation of the gift, was that we could only pass it on, if and when we wanted to, as it has always been passed on and never sold during it’s lifetime.  Jonny is one of those rare people in todays world who values objects for what they mean as opposed to what they are worth, if you know what I mean.  I’m sure it’s because of this, almost every time we see Jonny someone has given him something really marvellous, just because he’s admired it.  There were four of these pictures originally, all different fruits, we have been told the other three were possibly destroyed  in a house fire and, there was a rumour the designer may well have been a designer for Habitat, but that’s just a rumour.  Anyway we love it, hanging in the hallway and my wife’s lovely pear is much admired, with a great story behind it, and a little reminder that being nice has it’s rewards ……….