French Connection Home-Wear

Interior photograph for French Connection Homewear by interiors photographer Graham-Atkins-Hughes

Hello peps!

Hope you’re well on this sunny but brisk Autumn day in London, well a least it’s not raining. That puts me in mind of all the unfortunate people who have been flooded out of their house, home and places of work, hope the water subsides soon.

Today I have added some of my most recent interior photography work for my good friends at French Connection Homewear, you can see more of the images here, hope you like them. We had great fun making these, with an amazing team as always, interiors styled by Amanda Smith-Corston set building by Jude Singleton and locations by Jacob at Love Locations.

Interior photography for French Connection Home by interiors photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes

New Interiors products photographed for French Connection Home photography by Graham Atkins-Hughe

I do love the use of poured concrete in interior design and architecture, I think that some people might think that it is a cold and possibly boring medium to live with, or indeed inside, but not me. Like most things made from organic substances, it’s with all the best will in the world never the same twice. That’s what I think is so beautiful about it. As you can see from this interior photography commission it photographs really well. So much so we went back to the location for the next season’s photography shoot

hospitality interiors

Hospitality Interior Photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes, for Virgin Atlantic

Well hello there! As you may have noticed I’ve been adding new content to my site over the last few weeks, and today I would like to draw your attention to my newest folio of interior photography focusing on the work I have been doing lately with hospitality interior clients. I have always from time to time shot photography for these types of commissions over the years but this is the first time I have gathered all of the images together into one portfolio specializing in these kinds of atmospheric interior photography projects.

Interior photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots dining area Union Cafe London

Interior photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots reception at Crowne Plaza London

I guess we all expect different things from the interior design of these types of spaces, for me, it’s rich warmth in the use of colours that the design team has used, I want to feel enveloped in comfort. Also, the fabrics and textures are something I look for, leathers, velvets. Interesting floor treatments are also something I would be looking out for. I love capturing these spaces in the interior photography commissions I undertake for this group of clients because the spaces are always otherworldly, something that you’re not likely to find in a regular interior. Hope you enjoy the images.

Interior Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots luxury bedroom interior London