Fab House now for Hire

Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior photographer London

Got an email flyer from shoot factory one of location78‘s agents this morning, about a new location they are now representing in Nottinghamshire Ravenshead, well it took me back, I had shot this house for Elle Decoration a few years ago with the lovely Andrea Lynch  who has been a long term friend since we worked together for Harrods years earlier. The house as you can see is a modernist classic it could be straight out of a 007 set, packed full with modernist furniture which the owner Simon deals in through his shop Atomic in Nottingham, I absolutely loved this house when I shot it we had a great day, although a very long one waiting for it to get dark to do the exterior, but Simon did provide some great grub from the local chippy to keep us going, hope you enjoy looking at the images, I’d love to get an opportunity to shoot there again…..


Two interior Views of Modernist Home by Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London

My wife’s got a lovely pear

Interiors Blog photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors photographer londonNot only has Jo my wife got a lovely pear but, she was given it by another man! (and his missus Lilla) – well they’re friends really, the very entertaining Jonny of Trunk Records, & Lilla of LillaVision, the only stipulation of the gift, was that we could only pass it on, if and when we wanted to, as it has always been passed on and never sold during it’s lifetime.  Jonny is one of those rare people in todays world who values objects for what they mean as opposed to what they are worth, if you know what I mean.  I’m sure it’s because of this, almost every time we see Jonny someone has given him something really marvellous, just because he’s admired it.  There were four of these pictures originally, all different fruits, we have been told the other three were possibly destroyed  in a house fire and, there was a rumour the designer may well have been a designer for Habitat, but that’s just a rumour.  Anyway we love it, hanging in the hallway and my wife’s lovely pear is much admired, with a great story behind it, and a little reminder that being nice has it’s rewards ……….


Train takes the Strain


Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer Londona few days ago, while the controversy before the approval of HS2 raged, i had to go to stratford upon avon, i decided to go by rail as the most relaxing method of travel i think when your going somewhere on ones own. i was on my way to a meeting, i had brought a book, which on the way there i couldn’t concentrate on as i was thinking about the day ahead, so i thought and listened to the sounds of the train and made some notes, plus I watched the scenery go by, fantastic country side no wonder the locals don’t want it ruined by cutting a huge unnecessary railway through it, on the way back my head was now filled with thoughts of what had happened that afternoon. so again i stared out the window at the great little stations between stratford and birmingham moore street, with their faded coffee and cayenne colour palette, this time i listened to music hypnotised by the pattern of the rails whizzing by in a super graphical dance, who says time spent on trains is wasted it’s time that most of us don’t get anymore time to think…………


Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London


Street Art


Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place, or is it just inspiration I saw these recently around Mildmay in Islington on the way to and from school with the boys I really like the style and use of black really beautiful work


Photo Tips

more inspiration from Berlin, I saw this Photomat on the roundabout @ Kottbusser Tor on the way to shoot Lizzy’s apartment on our last day shooting in Berlin, I especially loved the examples of what one could achieve using this remarkable piece of photo equipment, goes to show that with any camera the possibilities are endless


Berlin Last day

Advertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in London

Today is the last day of our trip to Berlin I have been here now for 4 days shooting new unseen interiors with Victoria Metcalf from Style NV, the images will soon be ready to be seen when I am back in Londonso check back in the next few weeks and they will be here to view in the sites newest development a PDF gallery of homes which I have shot for publication. While we are awaiting that to happen I thought I would post these images from East Berlin which is fast disappearing, a huge ammount of development is happening and so much has changed since I was last here shooting for Esprit about 5 years ago. You must come before it’s all gone, check out Visit Berlin who have been really helpful while we have been here, get a guide book and get here soon………

GrahamAdvertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in London

As Seen in Vogue

Interiors Photograph by Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London, The Rug Company

This week our friends at the Rug Company have started using the images which Graham shot for them at the house Location78 earlier this year shown above are two of the rugs from the Alexander McQueen collection which they have been having great press coverage on. I just read on their Collection blog about them being asked by the Camerons to create a unique gift for the Obamas when they visited last week, what an honour……

Bye Bob


Interiors Lifestyle Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London

After several years of working together with us Bob Cooper our web site designer has decided to take a step back to let someone else take the reins as we move forward with the development of our newest venture, into the world of e-commerce with the development of the soon to be launched  shop7&8,  which will soon be live on the newest of our sites www.sevenandeight.com ,  don’t worry will make sure you hear about it when it’s ready. We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bob for all the hard work on designing our much praised sites which he has designed for us, GrahamAtkinsHughes.com above & Location78.com below. As he sails off into his new career as a photo-retoucher (which he has had running along side his web work for the last few years) we wish Bob the best of luck and a huge thank you,

Graham & Jo

Interiors Photograph by Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London


Street Treasures

Interior photograph by Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London

Anyone who lives in Hackney will tell you stories about something wonderful they have found on the street, on their way to and from home.  That’s how we came across these beautiful chairs – they were in need of a lot of TLC and some new webbing!  Jo found them by the roadside one day, on her way home from our boys school, we then sourced some super cheap cotton velvet in Foy & Co near Cowbridge just outside Cardiff, and then got Mike a friend of Jo’s parents to do a great job of creating the beautiful cushions for them.  The shots above are from two of the interior / lifestyle shoots by Graham, in which they’ve been used.  On the left for SpaceNK and on the right is an Alexander McQueen designed rug, for The Rug company for their collection magazine & blog.  The shots below are from our own direct bookings site www.location78.com, more street treasure stories soon……………


Advertising Photograph by Advertising and Commercial Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London