Spring Blossom

well there isn’t any doubt that trees laden with pretty blossom makes one feel better, it’s one of many signs that the cold months will soon be behind us once more, the same is certainly true for me walking to and from the studio where I am currently shooting a massive interior photography project for a big UK retailer, we are at the beginning of week three of a five week schedule. yesterday on my way home I saw a couple walking along in front of me, he was pretty tall and she was fairly small, nothing strange so far I hear you say, but as they stopped to admire the flowers above he reached up and bent down a low bough to pick some of the pretty blooms for her, romance is alive and well in the streets of london, hope your enjoying the signs of spring on your travels too ………….


Street Art 2

Street art Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior and lifestyle photographer London

Following on from my musings in an earlier post Street Art, while out and about the other day, on my way to a meeting about a huge retail project I am currently working on, (hush hush, more on that later) I saw this absolute whooper, no not the BK type, this really beautiful piece of art just off Curtain Road in E1, the sheer size of it was of course what grabs your attention, but then it’s the amazing use of colour, now I didn’t see the day coming when redish pinky hues would be getting me excited, but there you go. The technique involved is really amazing, the swirly lines used to make up the graphic are so regularly irregular, could be a common style, but not one I’ve seen before but then I’m by no means an expert when it comes to an aerosol full of coloured liquid, don’t you just love the surprises London can offer on a wintery day………..



Close up Of street art photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior and Lifestyle Photographer London

In Memory of …………

Photograph part of a project by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors & lifestyle photographer London

new gloves added to my project page In Memory of, we saw these desperate  lost souls on a walk inepping forest, they are pair but, not a pair if you know where I am going with this thought process, maybe they where belonging to a couple out walking holding hands without their respective gloves on, one appears to be a mans glove and the other could be a womans, hopefully as the walked home they managed to keep each others hands warm until a replacement could be found. Or not it could all be a chance meeting under the trees, for the gloves that is ………… it’s just that I am romantic at heart so a happy ending is always the preferred option for me, more soon,


Fab House now for Hire

Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior photographer London

Got an email flyer from shoot factory one of location78‘s agents this morning, about a new location they are now representing in Nottinghamshire Ravenshead, well it took me back, I had shot this house for Elle Decoration a few years ago with the lovely Andrea Lynch  who has been a long term friend since we worked together for Harrods years earlier. The house as you can see is a modernist classic it could be straight out of a 007 set, packed full with modernist furniture which the owner Simon deals in through his shop Atomic in Nottingham, I absolutely loved this house when I shot it we had a great day, although a very long one waiting for it to get dark to do the exterior, but Simon did provide some great grub from the local chippy to keep us going, hope you enjoy looking at the images, I’d love to get an opportunity to shoot there again…..


Two interior Views of Modernist Home by Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London

Train takes the Strain


Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer Londona few days ago, while the controversy before the approval of HS2 raged, i had to go to stratford upon avon, i decided to go by rail as the most relaxing method of travel i think when your going somewhere on ones own. i was on my way to a meeting, i had brought a book, which on the way there i couldn’t concentrate on as i was thinking about the day ahead, so i thought and listened to the sounds of the train and made some notes, plus I watched the scenery go by, fantastic country side no wonder the locals don’t want it ruined by cutting a huge unnecessary railway through it, on the way back my head was now filled with thoughts of what had happened that afternoon. so again i stared out the window at the great little stations between stratford and birmingham moore street, with their faded coffee and cayenne colour palette, this time i listened to music hypnotised by the pattern of the rails whizzing by in a super graphical dance, who says time spent on trains is wasted it’s time that most of us don’t get anymore time to think…………


Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London


Photo Tips

more inspiration from Berlin, I saw this Photomat on the roundabout @ Kottbusser Tor on the way to shoot Lizzy’s apartment on our last day shooting in Berlin, I especially loved the examples of what one could achieve using this remarkable piece of photo equipment, goes to show that with any camera the possibilities are endless


Berlin Last day

Advertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in London

Today is the last day of our trip to Berlin I have been here now for 4 days shooting new unseen interiors with Victoria Metcalf from Style NV, the images will soon be ready to be seen when I am back in Londonso check back in the next few weeks and they will be here to view in the sites newest development a PDF gallery of homes which I have shot for publication. While we are awaiting that to happen I thought I would post these images from East Berlin which is fast disappearing, a huge ammount of development is happening and so much has changed since I was last here shooting for Esprit about 5 years ago. You must come before it’s all gone, check out Visit Berlin who have been really helpful while we have been here, get a guide book and get here soon………

GrahamAdvertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in London

A good read

hi all

just got back from a well deserved family holiday in france, while there i read this really interesting book turning intelligence into magic by john hegarty creative director of BBH as anyone who knows about advertising will tell you about john’s illustrious career before and during the life of BBH began. it was so interesting reading john’s perspective on the creative process which has gone into some of advertising’s most memorable campaigns, the insights are valuable for anyone in the advertising/creative industries or indeed anyone in business i will be recommending this to all my freinds

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