Long May it Last

Interior Photography for French connection Home, shot by Graham Atkins-Hughes
So last week I just finished shooting another successful interior photography commission for my great supports and firm friends at French Connection homeware dept. So I have been looking back through the interiors images we have created over the course of our long working relationship, which began back in 2014, I’m very lucky to have such a loyal client, long may it continue. So I have picked out some of my fav’s from the back catalog of interior photography, hope you like them too, update coming soon.

Interior Photography Details shot by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Photographer London
Interior Photographer London shoots for French Connection Home
Shot by Interior Photographer London, Graham Atkins-Hughes for French connection home

Abi Book 4

Interior Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes, shoots Paris apartment
So yes this Autumn I will be embarking on shooting our fourth book together, my great friend and collaborator Abigail Ahern we are on the road again shooting some fab interiors to share with you, I can’t tell you anything about what the book is about other than it’s, an interior inspiration book, which will be crammed full of interior photography by yours truly. So instead of sharing content from the new book, because if I did that I’d be fired of the project. I have picked some of my favorite photographs from previous titles we have done together you can see previous atmospheric interior inspiration books by Abigail and myself here.

Interior, Photographer, London, Graham Atkins-Hughes, shoot London Town House

Interior. Photographer, Graham Atkins-Hughes shoot's apartment in Philadelphia

ooo would you look at that

Interior photograph shot by interiors photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes, for Azko Nobel UK

Hello there, just a quick note to say I have been invited to join a new platform to showcase my work as an interior photography specialist, I guess it will be to do with the vast experience I have acquired during my now 27 years working in photography. OoShot can help clients put together their whole production, which I belive is fairly unique for an online portal so do check out their services, or if you like you can always just contact me directly here. You can see my main OoShot profile page here where you can read more about why I love my life as an interiors photographer, and you can see a folio I have put together showcasing some of the interiors I have shot for my great client Akzo Nobel here bombtechgolf.com. Do check back soon for more additions both here on my site and on the new platform.

Interior photography for Akzo Nobel by Interior photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes

Interiors Photograph dream Office shot by Interior Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes

Interior detail photography for Akzo Nobel by Luxury Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London

crowning glory

Exterior of The Crowne Plaza Hotel Albert embankment London Photographed by Interiors photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes

Happy New Year, if it’s now not too late to wish you all a successful 2019, well I have done it now so it’s out there. Anyway, back to business. I have just uploaded a selection of images from one of my latest commissions which I worked on in late 2018. You can see some additional images on my site by following this link. One of the great perks of the job was that we got to have a sit-down lunch for the six days we were on site, and anyone who knows the life of an interior design photographer will tell you those opportunities aren’t run of the mill, it’s usually a take out from your friendly sandwich shop on the next corner, so thanks to the wonderful staff at Crowne Plaza, Albert Embankment for looking after us during the shoot. A great bunch of people.

Interior Photograph of Reception area of The Crowne Plaza Hotel Albert Embankment London, Image by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Interior photography of POTUS Bar at Crowne Plaza Hotel. Albert Embankment, London, Image by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Interior Photograph of POTUS Restaurant at The Crowne Plaza, Albert Embankment, London, Photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Interior of Club Suite Bedroom, at The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Albert Embankment, London, Photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes


Be a Winner!

Interior Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots for Minale and Mann London architectural practice

Well really who doesn’t want to be a winner, we all strive to be recognized by our peers for our creative endeavors, so it is with great pride I am able to say that I was involved with this amazing award-winning project for our clients Minale and Mann photographing this stunning architectural glasshouse and kitchen/dining interior contain within in a fully renovated home in South Londonwas a real pleasure. The light industrial touches which they have used bring with them a clam simplicity which always endows their work, creating clam simple spaces is never an easy task because without clutter there is nothing to hide behind, but it is one of the recurring themes of the studio’s work, you can see more photography of their brave interiors here and in the images below. You can see more info about their winning nomination here

Interior Photography of a dining area by Graham Atkins-Hughes London

Interior Photography of a kitchen by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Minale and Mann Architect London

Exterior photography of the Architectural Glasshouse by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Photographer London

Interior Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes of garden view Designed by Minale and Mann


finishing touches

Interior photography of the Study room of Jean Louis Deniot Parisian apartment

It’s one of the joys of being an interiors photographer that I get to spend my days in spaces which one otherwise wouldn’t normally get to experience, it’s just a perk of the job I guess, but don’t get me wrong I do truly feel privileged, especially when the interior is as extraordinary as this apartment of the Parisian designer Jean Louis Deniot . The apartment is actually relatively small, but that didn’t stop Jean Louis from full on the grandeur. The interior decorative finishes are truly jaw-dropping. There are so many hidden cupboard and stowaway places which you can’t at first see which means that there is no clutter around meaning that the spaces are easy on the eye as there are no distractions to halt the journey. The spaces were a pleasure to photograph, and it was mainly thanks to the attention to detail which had gone into the design of each room.

Interior photography of the kitchen of the Parisian apartment of Jean Louis Denito

Above is a detail photo of the hidden doorway from the hallway into the kitchen, hidden doors are nothing new in French interior designed spaces I know but in this interior the effect is used to it’s maximum, it actually took us a while to find the kitchen even though we knew it was there prior to our visit as it was a must-have on our list of places we needed to photograph.


Interior photography of the Living Room of Jean Louis Deniot's apartment Pairs

The way the paint effect has been continued on to the ceilings of the spaces means that the interiors visually seem to have no end, they just continue above you, again the lack of visual breaks made creating the images a joy and so easy to capture, I was a very happy interiors photographer that day for sure.

Interior Photograph of the main bedroom of Jean Louis Denito Paris

And so to the end of the small tour, the bedroom, totally love the sculpture on the wall, especially how it reflects the daylight, without which we interiors photographers would be lost, well me at least. Daylight is such an important part of any design and capturing it, the way it plays in the space is such a large part of what I am working hard to convey in the images I create for my clients, and that will be the subject of the next installment. To see more spaces like this one visit my Luxe Interiors Portfolio here


Interiors, interiors, interiors!

French connection home photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes London Based interior photographer


What’s it all about? Well, I’m not an Interior Designer, although over the last 27 years working in photography I have spent quite a lot of time working with interior designers, capturing their work in a 2d medium, not as easy as it sounds believe me. Because it’s not just an image of a room we are trying to reproduce it’s the feeling of being in the interior itself, the atmosphere the essence of the space and the way that space can influence your mood. Wow, it’s all getting very ethereal and deep but that’s what we, I am trying to do when I shoot interiors for clients. Be those the designers of the spaces or the makers of the items you find in the interior. So my plan with this blog from here on in is to explain what I think about the art, ( here I go again getting deep ), because I do believe it’s an art, of capturing the essence of the interiors I have photographed over the years, so stay tuned.


interior designed by Beata Heuman, photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior and lifestyle photographer based in London


bespoke furniture made by Mann Made London, photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes lifestyle and interiors photographer London


the white house

House report on the redesign of a Dalston House by http://macdonaldwright.com, Photography Graham Atkins-Hughes

No not that ‘White House’ this white house, or should I say the Wright House as this home was a redesign by James of Macdonald Wright Architects  for his family. Now as anyone who knows me would tell you that white interiors are not always my thing, you just have to look at our own home to see what I mean. But this home which was shot with Victoria Tunstall  has always been one of my fav shoots. Of course because of what’s been going on with the other ‘White House’ these images sprang to mind and instantly cheered me right up. Hope you like it too!


Designed by Macdonald Wright Architects Interiors, Lifestyle, Photographer, Graham Atkins-Hughes, Interior, Photography, London

Designed by Macdonald Wright Architects Interiors, Lifestyle, Photographer, Graham Atkins-Hughes, Interior, Photography, London

Designed by Macdonald Wright Architects Interiors, Lifestyle, Photographer, Graham Atkins-Hughes, Interior, Photography, London

winter warmer

Cozy bed room, caravan interior at Gifford's Circus photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior photographer London

Well on a cold and frosty morning such as we had this morning, you’d be forgiven for considering if today was a duvet day, but sadly not for most of us. So to warm up your eyes I have collected together some cozy images from the archive, hope you like them and they give you that warm feeling you’re in need of.

Images from shots for Gifford’s Circus, Kiss the Moon, the home of Pearl Lowe and if you like the second to last image check out this Irish Red Setter recuse site


Bedside table shot for Kiss the Moon, styled by Jo Atkins-Hughes, photographed at www.loaction78.com by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior photographer London

Pearl Lowe's TV lounge, photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle and interiors photographer London Based

Every Dog has their day, Irish Red Setter shot for house story by Interiors photographer Grham Atkins-Hughes UK Lifestyle Photography



Cover of Asiatic 2016 collection photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors and lifestyle photographer London

here’s are a small selection from a recent commission for the folks at Asiatic check out the rest of their collection here, www.asiatic.co.uk