Everything & More, More, More!

So excited to let you know that there is a new book coming out next month with I shot last year with my great friend Abigail Ahern interior guru and an all-round good egg. The book is packed with atmospheric interiors, for you to feast your eyes on.

It’s something you will have heard me say before, that’s it’s a perk of the job of an interiors photographer that you get to snoop around other peoples houses and interior design schemes. But usually, in my experience, there are nice people who live in nice houses which make being an interiors photographer even more of a joy. The above kitchen in The Hague you can see more of their beautiful design projects here.

Here is another amazing interior, inside a converted Scout Hut in Hackney, London, yes you heard me correctly a converted scout hut. Goes to show you that with a bit of imagination you can do anything you just have to leap in and release your inner Interior Designer.

Even coffee tables can get the Abigail Ahern ‘Everything’ treatment, basically, it’s all about layers and layers of details and textures, just give it a try in your own Interior Spaces, less is more is over now it’s MORE is MORE. Pre-order your copy of the book here.