Fab House now for Hire

Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior photographer London

Got an email flyer from shoot factory one of location78‘s agents this morning, about a new location they are now representing in Nottinghamshire Ravenshead, well it took me back, I had shot this house for Elle Decoration a few years ago with the lovely Andrea Lynch  who has been a long term friend since we worked together for Harrods years earlier. The house as you can see is a modernist classic it could be straight out of a 007 set, packed full with modernist furniture which the owner Simon deals in through his shop Atomic in Nottingham, I absolutely loved this house when I shot it we had a great day, although a very long one waiting for it to get dark to do the exterior, but Simon did provide some great grub from the local chippy to keep us going, hope you enjoy looking at the images, I’d love to get an opportunity to shoot there again…..


Two interior Views of Modernist Home by Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London