Interior House Photo Stories

I go through phases of shooting more houses then at other times and recently I have got back into photographing private interiors, and its as much fun as ever. It is actually how I got into shooting interior photography in the first palce

Anyone who knows me well will testify that I love meeting new people, yes I’m one of those Londoners WHO WILL talk to strangers, in the shops, the streets and in the park, walking the Isac, I guess that might not count as dogs are a great door opener, I could go on.


But one of the privileges of being an interior photographer is the occasions when you are invited into someones private space, they’re for some people their inner sanctuary from the owes of the world. It’s kind of they are laying themselves bare to the microscope. So we need to be kind and respect that, homes let us so much about each other.

You can see more of my house features at my GAP INTERIORS my picture agent, or contact the lovely Annmarie Hawes directly.