Interiors, Interior Photography, what’s it all about

What is it all about? I was thinking about all the interior design projects and spaces I have photographed over the years, 27 years of photography, so it took me a while, believe me. I was wondering if there was something that they all had in common. Don’t ask, you don’t really want to know even a fraction of what goes on in my creative head. The conclusion I have come to is expression.

Expression. I came to that because I was casting my mind back to my first interior design project, my teenage bedroom. Sadly no pictures, I didn’t know I wanted to take pictures back then. I was thinking about what it was like as an interior. Then I remembered all the posters I had on my walls. I can’t tell you why I had chosen the ones I had put up, or even why I then changed them around and replaced them, but it was an expression of me and who I was, and am.

So I guess that is what I am looking for when I photograph interior spaces and homes, it’s the external expression of self, that is the person who lives, works and has created the space or you could say formed it around themselves, to in some ways cocoon themselves from the world. It’s like a mirror, so when you are at home you are surrounded by yourself, and that can only serve to make us feel safe. Happy New Year Y’all