Interiors, interiors, interiors!


What’s it all about? Well, I’m not an Interior Designer, although over the last 27 years working in photography I have spent quite a lot of time working with interior designers, capturing their work in a 2d medium, not as easy as it sounds believe me. Because it’s not just an image of a room we are trying to reproduce it’s the feeling of being in the interior itself, the atmosphere the essence of the space and the way that space can influence your mood. Wow, it’s all getting very ethereal and deep but that’s what we, I am trying to do when I shoot interiors for clients. Be those the designers of the spaces or the makers of the items you find in the interior. So my plan with this blog from here on in is to explain what I think about the art, ( here I go again getting deep ), because I do believe it’s an art, of capturing the essence of the interiors I have photographed over the years, so stay tuned.