More Transitional Space

Transitional space interior photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interiors and lifestyle photographer London

While I am shooting in the US I am trying to add  to the Transitional Project, where ever I find a space which I feel needs to be shot. This hallway and stairs below are in a huge building in which we found an amazing loft belonging to Shauna & Stephen of “somethings hiding in here” in Philadelphia while myself and Abi where shooting some more wonderful interior photography for her new book coming out next spring.  The interiors we have shot are all very inspiring & looking at the edit at the end of the day is so satisfying , plus we have also seen some mock ups of the layout which look super fab. Can’t wait to get some of these images online as soon as I can.

Back to the above picture, you don’t see many corridors as long as this one these days as buildings get ever more divided so even though it’s very dark and a bit spooky I had to shoot it, and the one below well you make up your mind where you think this staircase will lead you, I know where I ended up at the end, but it was a real surprise, which you’ll see in the spring in the book…..


Transitional interior space by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interiors Photographer London