There comes a time when the website redesign has to be done. Not an easy task, I grant you, but one has to knuckle down to it all the same.

This time I decided to take my time to work hard to get what I wanted the site to say about me as a creative interior photographer & filmmaker. Before, I had always taken a run at it and tried to do a task that I know will take time between jobs. Never a recipe for a great outcome, now is it?

So I cleared my desk and set to work. The idea was to make the navigation simpler but also more informative, the site that is I felt there were gaps which needed filling.

I have had a long, varied career, and yes, #interiorphotography has always been the backbone of what I have shot, both personal and commissioned work. However, if you jump into my updated site with the new sections, you will be able to delve deeper and see that I have many more strings to my bow. 




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