Portugal 3

White flowers in the sun Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Lifestyle Photographer London

well we are either just over half way through the job or a bit more, anyway the end date of our trip to the algarve is approaching we will either be back in the UK on the 14th or the 21st depending on how the next few days go weather wise, we have been really lucky with sun almost every day, 31 degrees today, and so it’s looking like we are ahead of the schedule we may finish the job earlier than planned, which will mean seeing the boys and Jo sooner than I first thought, really missing them a lot now nearing the end of week three with either two or one more week to go, it’s really tough. Here are some more sunny planting images I shot at the garden of the white house between set ups, more news on an end date soon


Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interiors Lifestyle Photographer London