Algarve to London

Garden photo by Interior Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Advertising Photographer in London

Burr! it’s cold being back in London, swapping shorts and a tee shirt for, hat and gloves was never going to be an easy transition to make, but being home with the family kicks all those minor worries into touch, plus being back in the hubbub of London is great, full of exciting opportunities and cool stuff.  Down in Shoreditch to drop off the hard drive with all our four weeks work on from the Portuguese trip, I caught the last day of a “Street Art” / “Graffiti” show called the White Canvas project, they are moving the show to Dalston and reopening in a few weeks in the same building as Beyond Retro, I’ll shoot some images and post them soon. In the mean time here are some more  backlit garden images from the last few weeks in the sun…………

more soon


Lilly pond Garden Photograph by Interiors, Lifestyle, Photographer, Graham Atkins-Hughes, London

Garden Photograph by Interiors, Lifestyle, Photographer, Graham Atkins-Hughes, London


Giffords Circus

Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London

i’m so excited to be going to the wondrous “Giffords Circus” at Stadhampton green tomorrow with the boys, we went last year, i was doing some shooting with Abigail Ahern, as she had made over Nell’s then new caravan in the Ahern stylie  as i am sure your all familiar with by now but if your in doubt click here to see her blog and there are shots we took of the caravan interior below. last year the Gifford’s Circus Troop did a version of War & Peace, a bit heavy for light entertainment you might think, but when you include the elements of circus craft from around the world, juggling, fire eating, trapeze, acrobatics and horseman ship, not to forget the clown MC with his pants on fire, you can get a flavour of what I am talking about, it is truly magical and our boys Digby 6 & Kit 4  definitely agree, I can’t wait …………..


Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London

Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London

Interior Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Advertising Photographer in London

Interior, Lifestyle, Advertising, Fashion, Photography, Photographer, London

Two Wheel Terror

Yes that’s right, watch out the mean streets of Dalston, I have joined the ever swelling ranks of two wheelers on the roads of London. I just bought myself a beautiful retro Raleigh bike from the lovely people @lock7cyclecafe on the canal bridge by broadway market. He or she can’t quite decide on the gender of my new two wheeled friend, is a dark Indian Red according to, with new cream tyres. I will be trying very hard not to be a fair weather cyclist, but the newly fitted basket can’t carry all of my interior photographer kit,as anyone of my clients will tell you I tend to have quite a bit of stuff with me on shoot days, so please don’t expect to see me turning up for my next interior or fashion lifestyle shoot on him/her. Once the gender has been decided an official christening will be held, if you’d like to get acquainted, with the bike that is, let’s meet for coffee to chat about making pictures. Suggestions on the gender gratefully received …………

Girls Guide goes soft …………

Interior Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in LondonThe very successful Girls Guide to Decorating which I worked on with my good friend Abigail Ahern has now been available in soft cover for a few months & by all accounts it’s being just as successful as the hardcover but it’s made me remember some of the amazing interiors we photographed in NYC, so I felt the urge to blog about one of my favourite New York houses that I have shot on our visits to the Big Apple. To where I am returning in July this year, already got two photographic projects lined up to work on, but always room for more NYC time in my life, so if you needing an interior photographed in NYC early in July drop me a line @

GrahamInteriors Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in LondonAdvertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in London

Little House on The Fens

Lifestyle Photograph by Graham Akins-Hughes Interior Photographer based in LondonWell a bit later than planned, here are the interior and lifestyle images from “Little House on The Fens” published in the June issue of @coastmag written and styled by Charlotte Griffin about the fantastic retreat in the Suffolk Fens near the idyllic Thorpeness, it’s a wonderful home from home which Charlie and Andrew have created for themselves and their very lucky boys. You might be able to detect a slight hint of envy in that last sentence and you’d be right, if it ever comes up for sale I’d be very tempted. It was a pleasure to photograph, enjoy the pictures they will soon be in my Interiors folio when I have a moment………..


Interior photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes London Based photographer

Interior of Fen Lodge By Graham Atkins-Hughes Photographer London

Interior Photo of Dining area in Suffolk Home

Lifestyle Pictures by Graham Akins Hughes Lifestyle Interior Photographer London

Bye Bye Balzac

Advertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in London

well after many years of good service we are about to say bye bye to our beautiful Balzac sofa by Matthew Hilton, because our heart (mine & the misses) has been stollen by another, which will be revealed very soon on good old Balzac would have some tales to tell, I am sure, it has featured in many shoots both myself and lots of other high profile photographers shooting fashion, interiors & lifestyle photography @ our house, it’s had many famous bottoms on it, and i know of at least one naked lady who was in close contact with it, so if your in the market for a wonderful piece of furniture click here i do hope he goes to a good home to be loved for many more years ………….

Advertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in London


Spring Blossom

well there isn’t any doubt that trees laden with pretty blossom makes one feel better, it’s one of many signs that the cold months will soon be behind us once more, the same is certainly true for me walking to and from the studio where I am currently shooting a massive interior photography project for a big UK retailer, we are at the beginning of week three of a five week schedule. yesterday on my way home I saw a couple walking along in front of me, he was pretty tall and she was fairly small, nothing strange so far I hear you say, but as they stopped to admire the flowers above he reached up and bent down a low bough to pick some of the pretty blooms for her, romance is alive and well in the streets of london, hope your enjoying the signs of spring on your travels too ………….


Street Art 2

Street art Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior and lifestyle photographer London

Following on from my musings in an earlier post Street Art, while out and about the other day, on my way to a meeting about a huge retail project I am currently working on, (hush hush, more on that later) I saw this absolute whooper, no not the BK type, this really beautiful piece of art just off Curtain Road in E1, the sheer size of it was of course what grabs your attention, but then it’s the amazing use of colour, now I didn’t see the day coming when redish pinky hues would be getting me excited, but there you go. The technique involved is really amazing, the swirly lines used to make up the graphic are so regularly irregular, could be a common style, but not one I’ve seen before but then I’m by no means an expert when it comes to an aerosol full of coloured liquid, don’t you just love the surprises London can offer on a wintery day………..



Close up Of street art photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior and Lifestyle Photographer London

Found not Lost

Interiors Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Lifestyle Photographer London

In January, on what luckily turned out to be a beautiful wintery sunny day, I had the pleasure of photographing the home of Richard Found, of Found Associates who is a very clever man when it comes to a bit of architectural minimalism, I had been trying to figure out from his site which house was his so I knew what to expect, but not only is the house full of clean lines, no real surprises there, but it is also a real home where Richard, who by the way is a fantastic host, lives with his family wife Jane Suitor (art consultant) and their children Olivia, aged 9 and Oscar, 4. You can read the full article and see more pictures @ The London Magazine  March issue. I do love the Hans Wegner’s wishbone chairs, they look great in any space, a real classic, and who wouldn’t be inspired walking up the stairs in the left of the below image ……


Photographs of the interior of Richard Founds House

As Seen Elle Deco UK

Interior Photo by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Dulux

Here are two images which I shot for Dulux Colour Futures, see the rest of the project here. I just recently added these images to my Advertising Folio and then a few days later was happy to see that Elle Deco UK had decided to use the left hand image to open their decorating section of the April issue, if I may say they definitely have a sense of calm which I really am proud of, but I can’t take all the credit for that, both Mother Nature for lighting and the ever talented Hannah Simmons styling deserve equal billing, and of course Dulux for brave use of paint, an example below. Which in these days of Adobe making all things possible we collectively decided to do this one for real, in camera, thanks to James Henderson (set builder) had to make it happen, which took a bit of time, but it was worth it, hope you agree……………..

interiors photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Dulux Colour Futures 2012