Train takes the Strain


Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer Londona few days ago, while the controversy before the approval of HS2 raged, i had to go to stratford upon avon, i decided to go by rail as the most relaxing method of travel i think when your going somewhere on ones own. i was on my way to a meeting, i had brought a book, which on the way there i couldn’t concentrate on as i was thinking about the day ahead, so i thought and listened to the sounds of the train and made some notes, plus I watched the scenery go by, fantastic country side no wonder the locals don’t want it ruined by cutting a huge unnecessary railway through it, on the way back my head was now filled with thoughts of what had happened that afternoon. so again i stared out the window at the great little stations between stratford and birmingham moore street, with their faded coffee and cayenne colour palette, this time i listened to music hypnotised by the pattern of the rails whizzing by in a super graphical dance, who says time spent on trains is wasted it’s time that most of us don’t get anymore time to think…………


Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London