Epping 2

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So this was shot at the same time as Epping 1. I was walking off the paths and found myself surrounded by these plants in a clearing. Some people think of them as weeds, or some might think of them as wildflowers. What ever they are they were pretty impressive because there were so many of them, and they were taller than me, but hey, that wouldn't be hard. I am a bit of a short arse. If you know what plants they are, do tell.

They are printed on Fine Art Giclée print on metallic acid-free paper. The 20x24 inch Di Bond satin laminated Print is mounted on a composite of thin aluminium outer skin on either side of a black PVC core with a subframe for hanging. See images on the main shop page.

The 30x24 inch frames are constructed of thin black charcoal aluminium. Where mounted, they are single traditional white card mounts. Again, see the images on the main shop page. 

 Delivery to all of Europe included. For shipping to the rest of the world, please get in touch via the contact page, stating the destination country product name. I will quote and set up shipping before you order. Thank you, Graham. 

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