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Interior Design, Minimal Living Room, Day Bed, Lounge Chair, Fireplace, Interior Photographer London Graham Atkins-Hughes

Well if you are here and you’re a returning visitor you’ll be able to see that quite a lot has changed here at Graham the site background colour is probably the most significant change. But there are some new sections as well, the new Interiors Portfolio is one of the updates.

Opulent Bed, Scatter Cushions, Bed Spreads, Breakfast in Bed, Interior Photographer London Graham Atkins-Hughes

There will be new pages added over the coming weeks, but while you are here please do have a look around, here are a few links to get you going, Luxury Interiors, Hospitality Interiors and here for a selection of my Commissioned Work

Dining Table, White Dining Chairs, Grey Painted Walls, Pendant Light, Interior Photographer London Graham Atkins-Hughes

Interiors, Interior Photography, what’s it all about

Interior of the Living Room of Nikki Tibbles London Home

What is it all about? I was thinking about all the interior design projects and spaces I have photographed over the years, 27 years of photography, so it took me a while, believe me. I was wondering if there was something that they all had in common. Don’t ask, you don’t really want to know even a fraction of what goes on in my creative head. The conclusion I have come to is expression.

the interior of Kay Montano's living room

Expression. I came to that because I was casting my mind back to my first interior design project, my teenage bedroom. Sadly no pictures, I didn’t know I wanted to take pictures back then. I was thinking about what it was like as an interior. Then I remembered all the posters I had on my walls. I can’t tell you why I had chosen the ones I had put up, or even why I then changed them around and replaced them, but it was an expression of me and who I was, and am.

front door of Nick Olson's Spring street apartment NYC

So I guess that is what I am looking for when I photograph interior spaces and homes, it’s the external expression of self, that is the person who lives, works and has created the space or you could say formed it around themselves, to in some ways cocoon themselves from the world. It’s like a mirror, so when you are at home you are surrounded by yourself, and that can only serve to make us feel safe. Happy New Year Y’all

French Connection Home-Wear

Interior photograph for French Connection Homewear by interiors photographer Graham-Atkins-Hughes

Hello peps!

Hope you’re well on this sunny but brisk Autumn day in London, well a least it’s not raining. That puts me in mind of all the unfortunate people who have been flooded out of their house, home and places of work, hope the water subsides soon.

Today I have added some of my most recent interior photography work for my good friends at French Connection Homewear, you can see more of the images here, hope you like them. We had great fun making these, with an amazing team as always, interiors styled by Amanda Smith-Corston set building by Jude Singleton and locations by Jacob at Love Locations.

Interior photography for French Connection Home by interiors photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes

New Interiors products photographed for French Connection Home photography by Graham Atkins-Hughe

I do love the use of poured concrete in interior design and architecture, I think that some people might think that it is a cold and possibly boring medium to live with, or indeed inside, but not me. Like most things made from organic substances, it’s with all the best will in the world never the same twice. That’s what I think is so beautiful about it. As you can see from this interior photography commission it photographs really well. So much so we went back to the location for the next season’s photography shoot

hospitality interiors

Hospitality Interior Photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes, for Virgin Atlantic

Well hello there! As you may have noticed I’ve been adding new content to my site over the last few weeks, and today I would like to draw your attention to my newest folio of interior photography focusing on the work I have been doing lately with hospitality interior clients. I have always from time to time shot photography for these types of commissions over the years but this is the first time I have gathered all of the images together into one portfolio specializing in these kinds of atmospheric interior photography projects.

Interior photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots dining area Union Cafe London

Interior photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots reception at Crowne Plaza London

I guess we all expect different things from the interior design of these types of spaces, for me, it’s rich warmth in the use of colours that the design team has used, I want to feel enveloped in comfort. Also, the fabrics and textures are something I look for, leathers, velvets. Interesting floor treatments are also something I would be looking out for. I love capturing these spaces in the interior photography commissions I undertake for this group of clients because the spaces are always otherworldly, something that you’re not likely to find in a regular interior. Hope you enjoy the images.

Interior Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots luxury bedroom interior London


Eastern Delights

Interior, Photographer, London, Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots Interior of Bafarat London Flagship

Hello there, a quick update on the website today, just uploaded the latest commission, shots of the beautiful interior of the one of London’s newest coffee houses, I’m sure it will become a firm favorite with the locals when they have sampled the delights inside. The amazing folks at Bafarat not only are they meticulous about the interior environment, every detail is considered, but what they can do with pastry and coffee beans is out of this world, check it out you won’t be disappointed.

Interior, Photographer, London, Graham Atkins-Hughes, shoots the exterior of Bafarat London Flagship

Interior, Photographer, London, Graham Atkins-Hughes shoots interior details at Bafarat London Flagship

aop a go! go!

 interior photograph from the AOP profile of Graham Atkins-Hughes

I have just been updating my photographer profile on The AOP site you can see what I have been up to by following the link here. You’ll be able to see various working styles, of my interior photography Location Interiors, Room Sets, Hospitality, and my moving image projects, my narrative drama work which you can see there too. Hope you like what you find, I have added a few interior photography images here to wet your appetite, you can always see more work following the links to folios on the left, Luxe, Editorial and Commissions, see you soon.

Interior Photograph, by Interiors Design Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes

Interiors Photographer London, Graham Atkins-Hughes, for DULUX UK

found not lost

Graham Atkins-Hughes Photographer on

well today I am found, not that I was lost exactly but now the great team at Found Artist have made it significantly for new and exciting clients to find my work, so do swing by and check out my profile page here hope you like what you find, I have to say I am very proud of the images they look super, but you’d be surprised if I said anything less wouldn’t you.

oldie and a goodie


Happy Friday to you all, hope you’ve been having a constructive day, working hard so to can with a clear conscience put your feet up for a well earned weekend off. Well I am in the process of having a reorganise on the old web site. While I am putting some of my latest work up I’m also adding back in some of my all time favourites. These images are one of those, this truly magical home belonging to Lorraine Kirk owner of a unique fashion store in Perry Street NYC, Geminola , we, Abigail Ahern & myself  were there to shot the living room for Abi’s 1st book Girls Guide to Decorating, I arrived before Abi as she was in the hotel sorting out the rest of our week shooting in NYC. I was blown away by the house, and had to use all my Irish Blarney to talk Lorraine into allowing us to stay a little longer than planned to shoot the rest of the house. This all happen back in 2008, see it is an oldie, but I remember it so clearly as if it were yesterday. I still love these images we made that day. Lorraine’s style is so distinctive, you can tell that everything is there because there is a reason for it to be there, and it just works, hope you like them as much as I do. My newly organised folio will be getting launched on Monday. Have a great weekend.




Winter Blues

French Connection Homeware AW15/16 001, Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interiors Lifestyle Photographer London
Wouldn’t you want the ‘winter blues’ if they looked like this? It’s my third anniversary shooting with French Connection – well 3 seasons anyway – so appropriately I have featured a fabulous blue leather sofa, designed for the ongoing collaboration with DFS – you knew that the ‘thing’ for a third anniversary is leather surely. Teamed with their amazing accessories, I think it’s a killer combination. I love the brass standard lamp, and under strict instructions, will be purchasing a couple for the missus

French Connection Homeware AW15/16 003, Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interiors Lifestyle Photographer London

French Connection Homeware AW15/16 004, Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interiors Lifestyle Photographer London

Get stoned………..the Wearstler way

Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu beach house shot by Interior, Design, Lifestyle, Advertising, Photography, Photographer, London

If your looking for tips on incorporating Marble into ones abode, then look no further than the inspirational Malibu crash pad of the amazing Kelly Wearstler we, Abigail and myself, where luckily allowed to include it in the pages of the Colour Book, which was recently published, if you’d like to read more about our day listening to the ocean lapping on the beach outside the windows, while working hard shooting the interiors then click here to read Abi’s latest blog

Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu beach house shot for Colour book by Abigail Ahern and Graham Atkins-Hughes

Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu beach house shot for Colour book photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Abigail Ahern