Play Without Words

we spent a very enjoyable 2hrs @ Sadlers Wells on Sunday afternoon watching this get yourself some tickets if you can! Super dancers, great music & set design, just fab


Giffords Circus

Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London

i’m so excited to be going to the wondrous “Giffords Circus” at Stadhampton green tomorrow with the boys, we went last year, i was doing some shooting with Abigail Ahern, as she had made over Nell’s then new caravan in the Ahern stylie  as i am sure your all familiar with by now but if your in doubt click here to see her blog and there are shots we took of the caravan interior below. last year the Gifford’s Circus Troop did a version of War & Peace, a bit heavy for light entertainment you might think, but when you include the elements of circus craft from around the world, juggling, fire eating, trapeze, acrobatics and horseman ship, not to forget the clown MC with his pants on fire, you can get a flavour of what I am talking about, it is truly magical and our boys Digby 6 & Kit 4  definitely agree, I can’t wait …………..


Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London

Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle Photographer London

Interior Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Advertising Photographer in London

Interior, Lifestyle, Advertising, Fashion, Photography, Photographer, London

Sun Printing @EasternCurve

Advertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in LondonSpent a very pleasant afternoon on Sunday at a @chelseafrindge event helping our lovely neighbour photographer Heather McDonough with a sun printing workshop @EasternCurve Garden in Dalston or to give it the correct name cyanotype printing more info on the process here and some amazing examples on google images, when we get a whiff of summer I plan to do some more in the garden with the boys as it’s non toxic apparently, or so I read online but don’t quote me on that. It’s great fun even on a grey day, thanks Heather. Check out the rest of the program here Chelsea Fringe organised by volunteers, & the whole thing is inspired by author, journalist and all round good egg Tim Richardson who was there doing some printing with his family, a really nice guy,


Advertising Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer and Fashion Photographer in London

Street Art 2

Street art Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interior and lifestyle photographer London

Following on from my musings in an earlier post Street Art, while out and about the other day, on my way to a meeting about a huge retail project I am currently working on, (hush hush, more on that later) I saw this absolute whooper, no not the BK type, this really beautiful piece of art just off Curtain Road in E1, the sheer size of it was of course what grabs your attention, but then it’s the amazing use of colour, now I didn’t see the day coming when redish pinky hues would be getting me excited, but there you go. The technique involved is really amazing, the swirly lines used to make up the graphic are so regularly irregular, could be a common style, but not one I’ve seen before but then I’m by no means an expert when it comes to an aerosol full of coloured liquid, don’t you just love the surprises London can offer on a wintery day………..



Close up Of street art photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior and Lifestyle Photographer London

Found not Lost

Interiors Photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Lifestyle Photographer London

In January, on what luckily turned out to be a beautiful wintery sunny day, I had the pleasure of photographing the home of Richard Found, of Found Associates who is a very clever man when it comes to a bit of architectural minimalism, I had been trying to figure out from his site which house was his so I knew what to expect, but not only is the house full of clean lines, no real surprises there, but it is also a real home where Richard, who by the way is a fantastic host, lives with his family wife Jane Suitor (art consultant) and their children Olivia, aged 9 and Oscar, 4. You can read the full article and see more pictures @ The London Magazine  March issue. I do love the Hans Wegner’s wishbone chairs, they look great in any space, a real classic, and who wouldn’t be inspired walking up the stairs in the left of the below image ……


Photographs of the interior of Richard Founds House

In Memory of …………

Photograph part of a project by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors & lifestyle photographer London

new gloves added to my project page In Memory of, we saw these desperate  lost souls on a walk inepping forest, they are pair but, not a pair if you know where I am going with this thought process, maybe they where belonging to a couple out walking holding hands without their respective gloves on, one appears to be a mans glove and the other could be a womans, hopefully as the walked home they managed to keep each others hands warm until a replacement could be found. Or not it could all be a chance meeting under the trees, for the gloves that is ………… it’s just that I am romantic at heart so a happy ending is always the preferred option for me, more soon,


My wife’s got a lovely pear

Interiors Blog photograph by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors photographer londonNot only has Jo my wife got a lovely pear but, she was given it by another man! (and his missus Lilla) – well they’re friends really, the very entertaining Jonny of Trunk Records, & Lilla of LillaVision, the only stipulation of the gift, was that we could only pass it on, if and when we wanted to, as it has always been passed on and never sold during it’s lifetime.  Jonny is one of those rare people in todays world who values objects for what they mean as opposed to what they are worth, if you know what I mean.  I’m sure it’s because of this, almost every time we see Jonny someone has given him something really marvellous, just because he’s admired it.  There were four of these pictures originally, all different fruits, we have been told the other three were possibly destroyed  in a house fire and, there was a rumour the designer may well have been a designer for Habitat, but that’s just a rumour.  Anyway we love it, hanging in the hallway and my wife’s lovely pear is much admired, with a great story behind it, and a little reminder that being nice has it’s rewards ……….


Street Art


Graffiti is writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place, or is it just inspiration I saw these recently around Mildmay in Islington on the way to and from school with the boys I really like the style and use of black really beautiful work