Two Wheel Terror

Yes that’s right, watch out the mean streets of Dalston, I have joined the ever swelling ranks of two wheelers on the roads of London. I just bought myself a beautiful retro Raleigh bike from the lovely people @lock7cyclecafe on the canal bridge by broadway market. He or she can’t quite decide on the gender of my new two wheeled friend, is a dark Indian Red according to, with new cream tyres. I will be trying very hard not to be a fair weather cyclist, but the newly fitted basket can’t carry all of my interior photographer kit,as anyone of my clients will tell you I tend to have quite a bit of stuff with me on shoot days, so please don’t expect to see me turning up for my next interior or fashion lifestyle shoot on him/her. Once the gender has been decided an official christening will be held, if you’d like to get acquainted, with the bike that is, let’s meet for coffee to chat about making pictures. Suggestions on the gender gratefully received …………

Street Treasures

Interior photograph by Interiors Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London

Anyone who lives in Hackney will tell you stories about something wonderful they have found on the street, on their way to and from home.  That’s how we came across these beautiful chairs – they were in need of a lot of TLC and some new webbing!  Jo found them by the roadside one day, on her way home from our boys school, we then sourced some super cheap cotton velvet in Foy & Co near Cowbridge just outside Cardiff, and then got Mike a friend of Jo’s parents to do a great job of creating the beautiful cushions for them.  The shots above are from two of the interior / lifestyle shoots by Graham, in which they’ve been used.  On the left for SpaceNK and on the right is an Alexander McQueen designed rug, for The Rug company for their collection magazine & blog.  The shots below are from our own direct bookings site, more street treasure stories soon……………


Advertising Photograph by Advertising and Commercial Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes London