A Dogs Life?

Sleep in her Torno Home shot by Graham Akins-Hughes Interiors & Lifestyle Photographer London

there was a time when my understanding of this phrase meant hardship and daily grind, but the dogs I have met of late on my interior photography house commissions couldn’t have been further from the daily grid then they are, sleeping by the fire on a comfy cushion or the sofa. there are days we would all happily swap places with these supposedly  hard done by canines. dogs life my indeed, from now on this expression should be used for describing a life of luxury, especially  for those who live with the interior design savvy of the world,


Capri by the fire @ www.lordshippark.com Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Photographer London

Seated on the fireside chair shot by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle & Interiors Photographer

Abigail Ahern's Maude on the bed photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior lifestyle photographer