finishing touches

It’s one of the joys of being an interiors photographer that I get to spend my days in spaces which one otherwise wouldn’t normally get to experience, it’s just a perk of the job I guess, but don’t get me wrong I do truly feel privileged, especially when the interior is as extraordinary as this apartment of the Parisian designer Jean Louis Deniot . The apartment is actually relatively small, but that didn’t stop Jean Louis from full on the grandeur. The interior decorative finishes are truly jaw-dropping. There are so many hidden cupboard and stowaway places which you can’t at first see which means that there is no clutter around meaning that the spaces are easy on the eye as there are no distractions to halt the journey. The spaces were a pleasure to photograph, and it was mainly thanks to the attention to detail which had gone into the design of each room.

Interior photography of the kitchen of the Parisian apartment of Jean Louis Denito

Above is a detail photo of the hidden doorway from the hallway into the kitchen, hidden doors are nothing new in French interior designed spaces I know but in this interior the effect is used to it’s maximum, it actually took us a while to find the kitchen even though we knew it was there prior to our visit as it was a must-have on our list of places we needed to photograph.


Interior photography of the Living Room of Jean Louis Deniot's apartment Pairs

The way the paint effect has been continued on to the ceilings of the spaces means that the interiors visually seem to have no end, they just continue above you, again the lack of visual breaks made creating the images a joy and so easy to capture, I was a very happy interiors photographer that day for sure.

Interior Photograph of the main bedroom of Jean Louis Denito Paris

And so to the end of the small tour, the bedroom, totally love the sculpture on the wall, especially how it reflects the daylight, without which we interiors photographers would be lost, well me at least. Daylight is such an important part of any design and capturing it, the way it plays in the space is such a large part of what I am working hard to convey in the images I create for my clients, and that will be the subject of the next installment. To see more spaces like this one visit my Luxe Interiors Portfolio here