Look Around NOW!

Hello there,
I’m an Interior Photographer working in London; I have photographed interiors worldwide, as you know. I get asked a lot how I do what I do. So I’ve decided to share some of the knowledge and tips I have gathered from my experience I have built up over the last 25 + years. Here goes.

Firstly you need to start training your eye. Go out of the room you are in right now, into the hallway. Take a few minutes to empty your mind.

Now walk back in, SLOWLY. Try to imagine this is the first time you have encountered this interior. Walk around your place, flat, house, home, the interior you live in and look at, every day. Do the same thing in all the rooms/interiors.

It’s not easy, I know, but try to think/watch yourself and see which elements of the room grab your attention. It’s what I do when I am wandering around day to day, but more importantly. When I am working on a commercial interior photography commission. I am thinking, I am watching my gaze when I walk into the interior space that I will be photographing that day. Picking out the essential design features that I will have to photograph to show my audience what I believe is the story of this room.

Now go and get your camera, try to shoot the interior and extenuate those features of your designed space.

How do I do that? I hear you cry; practice is one thing, but come back soon for the next instalment.