oldie and a goodie


Happy Friday to you all, hope you’ve been having a constructive day, working hard so to can with a clear conscience put your feet up for a well earned weekend off. Well I am in the process of having a reorganise on the old web site. While I am putting some of my latest work up I’m also adding back in some of my all time favourites. These images are one of those, this truly magical home belonging to Lorraine Kirk owner of a unique fashion store in Perry Street NYC, Geminola , we, Abigail Ahern & myself  were there to shot the living room for Abi’s 1st book Girls Guide to Decorating, I arrived before Abi as she was in the hotel sorting out the rest of our week shooting in NYC. I was blown away by the house, and had to use all my Irish Blarney to talk Lorraine into allowing us to stay a little longer than planned to shoot the rest of the house. This all happen back in 2008, see it is an oldie, but I remember it so clearly as if it were yesterday. I still love these images we made that day. Lorraine’s style is so distinctive, you can tell that everything is there because there is a reason for it to be there, and it just works, hope you like them as much as I do. My newly organised folio will be getting launched on Monday. Have a great weekend.