Paris Transitional Space

Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors photographer London

It’s been two weeks since my last blog, that sounds like something I said in a confessional when I was 10 years old, hope I don’t get given penance, because I haven’t be slacking I’ve been very busy shooting lots of fab,(if I might say), interior photography projects. These images above and below will soon be added to my project “Transitional Spaces” which I started last year when I was shooting in Berlin last September, but I got distracted by my other on going project “In Memory of…” which I also have new images to add to when I get a chance. Enough waffle I hear you cry! These amazing Stairs are in the building where Jean-Christophe Aumas, he has amazing taste his apartment has been shot lots of times and been blogged about I knowAbigail with whom I was working has definitely spoken about it before.  we are working together on an exciting new project to be released in the spring, can wait to share the pictures, we have photographed some amazing interiors and they just keep coming, thanks Abi, if you’d like to see Jean-Christophe’s work click here “Voici-Voilà”, i am sure if these stairs could talk the could tell some tall tails


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