In Memory of …………

Photograph part of a project by Graham Atkins-Hughes interiors & lifestyle photographer London

new gloves added to my project page In Memory of, we saw these desperate  lost souls on a walk inepping forest, they are pair but, not a pair if you know where I am going with this thought process, maybe they where belonging to a couple out walking holding hands without their respective gloves on, one appears to be a mans glove and the other could be a womans, hopefully as the walked home they managed to keep each others hands warm until a replacement could be found. Or not it could all be a chance meeting under the trees, for the gloves that is ………… it’s just that I am romantic at heart so a happy ending is always the preferred option for me, more soon,


As Seen Elle Deco UK

Interior Photo by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Dulux

Here are two images which I shot for Dulux Colour Futures, see the rest of the project here. I just recently added these images to my Advertising Folio and then a few days later was happy to see that Elle Deco UK had decided to use the left hand image to open their decorating section of the April issue, if I may say they definitely have a sense of calm which I really am proud of, but I can’t take all the credit for that, both Mother Nature for lighting and the ever talented Hannah Simmons styling deserve equal billing, and of course Dulux for brave use of paint, an example below. Which in these days of Adobe making all things possible we collectively decided to do this one for real, in camera, thanks to James Henderson (set builder) had to make it happen, which took a bit of time, but it was worth it, hope you agree……………..

interiors photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Dulux Colour Futures 2012

Photo Tips

more inspiration from Berlin, I saw this Photomat on the roundabout @ Kottbusser Tor on the way to shoot Lizzy’s apartment on our last day shooting in Berlin, I especially loved the examples of what one could achieve using this remarkable piece of photo equipment, goes to show that with any camera the possibilities are endless


A good read

hi all

just got back from a well deserved family holiday in france, while there i read this really interesting book turning intelligence into magic by john hegarty creative director of BBH as anyone who knows about advertising will tell you about john’s illustrious career before and during the life of BBH began. it was so interesting reading john’s perspective on the creative process which has gone into some of advertising’s most memorable campaigns, the insights are valuable for anyone in the advertising/creative industries or indeed anyone in business i will be recommending this to all my freinds

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