Whiter than White

Interior detail photograph for Dulux by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior and lifestyle photographer London

Well now that we have had the hottest day of the year, YAY!, lets face it there wasn’t much competition for that accolade since Christmas, it’s been a long dark and such a cold winter, but lets not linger on a negative, it’s over and it looks like it’s behind us. But I can’t really complain to much about the winter cause I have been, cold like us all, but also really really busy, it’s been phenomenal. As I have mentioned in my last post we myself and the lovely Claudia Bryant shooting again for our good client Dulux on a few product launches, here above and below are some of the press release images for their new “Ultra White Paint”, more images to come to my site soon. Oh and by the way I am just about to relaunch the site with a complete over haul, but that will happen hopefully later in the week when my web host sorts out some tech glitch at their end, a wondrous is the internet, it brings joy and sadness in equal measure, sometimes all at the same time……………


Dulux UltraWhite photography by Interior and Lifestyle Photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes based in London

Interior Photograph for Dulux by Graham Atkins-Hughes London based Photographer