A Dogs Life?

Sleep in her Torno Home shot by Graham Akins-Hughes Interiors & Lifestyle Photographer London

there was a time when my understanding of this phrase meant hardship and daily grind, but the dogs I have met of late on my interior photography house commissions couldn’t have been further from the daily grid then they are, sleeping by the fire on a comfy cushion or the sofa. there are days we would all happily swap places with these supposedly  hard done by canines. dogs life my indeed, from now on this expression should be used for describing a life of luxury, especially  for those who live with the interior design savvy of the world,


Capri by the fire @ www.lordshippark.com Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Photographer London

Seated on the fireside chair shot by Graham Atkins-Hughes Lifestyle & Interiors Photographer

Abigail Ahern's Maude on the bed photographer Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior lifestyle photographer

New client January!

Penthouse Living space The Landsbury, Interior Photography for Finchatton by Graham Atkins-Hughes

Lateral Appartment Living Space, interiors photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes for Finchatton London

Lateral Living space Detail & Triplex screening room interiors by Finchatton Photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Photographer London

I know it’s not January any more, but this is the 1st chance that I’ve had since beginning of the year to update my blog, with what I’ve been up to. It’s just been incredible shooting for lots of new clients,  “B&Q” again on their paint account (not really a new client, but new department within). I have also been working for some high-end property development company’s, some of the shots from “Finchatton’s” latest multi-million pound development in Knightsbridge “The Lansbury” a bespoke interior designed for the high flyers among us, Images above, plus I have also been photographing the beautiful interiors for “Gill London” another high end development, in W1 some of the images which I shot for them are below. it’s been non-stop which is a good thing really, that said I would like to see a little more of my bed and I am at the moment, more soon,


Living space interior photographed by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interiors Photographer London

Detail photography of the interior design by Gill London Shot by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Photographer London

Interior Design by Gill London Photography by Graham Atkins-Hughes Interior Photographer London